Amrok Homes

Amrok Homes specializes in affordable, advanced material duplexes and apartment complexes.

High quality material

Amrok Homes builds hurricane-proof homes. Here are some of its features:

  • Fire resistant
  • Hurricane and tornado resistant
  • Home built in weeks, not months
  • Replaces wood, concrete, drywall, and stuccio materials

Additional home benefits

Here are some benefits of living in an Amrok built home.

  • Solar power
  • Air purification
  • LED lighting reducing energy required
  • Tankless water heater

Process of a house being built in weeks

For the highest quality: UHPC

Amrok Homes provide Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is four times stronger than traditional concrete.

It is used in homes that are located in high natural disaster areas.

Products offered

Here are the major products that Amrok Homes offers:

  • Flooring, interior and exterior walls, roofing, kitchens and bathrooms products
  • Hardwood, residential and commercial luxury vinyl flooring, siding, roofing and cement panel products
  • Exclusive brands with wide variety of colors, designs, materials, sizes, and customization options
  • Enhanced designs and technology with either natural looks or minimal repetitive patterns